1.    Flowers must be entered on Saturday, April 13, between 7:30 AM and 10 AM. There will be one entry fee for each adult exhibitor of $5.00, no matter how many entries are entered; all youth entries are free.

2.    Competitive entries are limited to residents of Fillmore Unified School District. However, entries of residents outside of the district are welcome for exhibition and may be eligible for special awards.

3.    Artificial flowers and artificially colored flowers are not eligible for competition.

4.    All entries in competition must have been grown by the exhibitor or by exhibitor’s family for Youth Arrangements.

5.    Only 1 entry in each class allowed for each plant or identical flower.

6.    Three places will be given in competitive classes and additional classes may be created. Each division winner will be eligible for rosettes and prizes.

7.    No containers, awards or exhibits may be removed before 3:30 PM on Sunday; cleanup will begin promptly at 3:45 p.m.

 ***Award Ceremony, Sunday 14th at 3PM***

For questions, please call: (805) 302-7527 or (805) 625–4354


Division I–Single Stem Cut Roses (with at least one five leaflet leaf)

Class A. Hybrid Tea/ Grandifolia Rose

Class B. Floribunda / Polyantha Rose (as a spray or single rose)

Class C. Miniature Rose

Class D. Any Other Unlisted Rose

Class E. Novelty Rose (with 2 inch stem to float in bowl)

            1. Most Fragrant Rose

            2. Largest Rose Bloom


Division II–Single Stem Cut Iris (color classed)

Class A. Bearded Iris

Class B. Spuria Iris

Class C. Japanese Iris


Division III–Other Single Stem Cut Flowers

Class A. Orchids (as a spray or single flower)

Class B. Lilies

Class C. Delphinium

Class D. Geranium/ Pelargonium

Class E.  Any Other Unlisted Flower


Division IV–Bouquets

(in a single vase, provided by the exhibitor, cut stem or stems of the same flower variety, or mixed colors or type of a variety, but with no filler material)


Division V–Arrangements

(flower displays up to 20” x 20" with containers provided by exhibitor that may include items appropriate to the scene)

Class A. Traditional

Class B. Oriental Manner

Class C. Modern Abstract (can include dried plant material)


Division VI–Miniature Arrangements & Bouquets                         

Class A. Not to exceed 4” X 4”

Class B. Not to exceed 10” X 10”


Division VII–Potted Plants

(single variety in a container, not too heavy to be carried by exhibitor)

Class A. African violets

Class B. Orchids

Class C. Cacti and Succulents

Class D. Other


Division VIII–Dish Gardens (limited to size and weight that can be carried by exhibitor)


Division IX–Youth Arrangements (open to any student within Fillmore area)

Flower displays limited to 20” by 20”, to be arranged at the show without adult help other then the youth show supervisor- note age on the tag. Allow enough time to finish by 10.00AM.

Class A. Age 3 to 2nd Grade

Class B. Grades 3 to 6

Class C. Grades 7 to 12

Class D. Team Arrangements


Division X–Youth Composition

(Original poem or short essay on single page with or without illustration on the theme of flower show: “100 Years Celebrating Flowers”


Division XI- Youth Art (Non-Competitive/limited exhibit area)

Original art work on Flower Show theme: “100 Years Celebrating Flowers” Artist’s name should be on front.


1.     All containers for cut flowers will be furnished by the Flower Show Committee.

2.     Roses will be grouped into named varieties, then by color, and judged as two groups. Irises will be grouped by color.

3.     Care should be taken to groom and clean flower heads, leaves and stems. Dead foliage, old blossoms and buds on single stem cut roses, should be removed.

4.     Clearly mark containers for arrangements and bouquets with the exhibitor’s name and phone number. Please designate someone to pick up items by 4 PM on Sunday.TEACHERS bringing student exhibits, must come between 3-4:30pm Friday.

 No responsibility will be taken by the committee for damage or loss of containers or accessories, but care and diligence will be exercised.